Kocaeli University Central Library Barrowing /Lending Regulations / ILL

1-Only the academic personnel of Kocaeli University can benefit from the interlibrary borrowing service. In case of other university libraries’ book request for borrowing, the ILL user of the particular university is valid.

2-This service includes only university libraries. Our university’s academic personnel and the users of other universities can benefit from interlibrary borrowing service through their libraries. Personal applications are ignored.

3-Reference, reserved, thesis, periodicals and non-book materials are not lent

4-The requests made by our library users are e-mailed to (volkan.ozvatan@kocaeli.edu.tr) with their web records.

5-The shipment fees of the requests made by our library are paid by our library users. The requests of other universities are sent by courier and the shipment fees are sent by the universities who request books.

6-The interlibrary borrowing / lending service is conducted by central library.

7-Total number of books that can be lent to other universities within the framework of the interlibrary borrowing / lending service is 10 for 30 days. The number of lent publication per person is 3.

7-In case of the delay, wearing out or loss of the requests made by our library, the responsibility belongs to user. In such a situation, the ILL regulation of the library from which the publication is requested is valid.  In case of the delay, wearing out or loss of the requests made by other universities, the borrowing / lending regulations of our university is conducted.


You may ask for help from volkan.ozvatan@kocaeli.edu.tr for your inquiries about this service.

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