Library Of congress (LC)

General Works

Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

B - BJ Philosophy. Psychology

BL, BM, BP, BQ Religion: Religions, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism

BR - BV Religion: Christianity, Bible

BX Religion: Christian Denominations

Auxiliary Sciences of History

History: General and Old World

D - DJ History (General), History of Europe, Part 1

DL - DR History of Europe, Part 2

DJK - DK History of Eastern Europe (General). Soviet Union, Poland

DS History of Asia

DT - DX History of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

E - F History: America (Western Hemisphere)

Geography. Maps. Anthropology. Recreation

Social Sciences

H - HJ Social Sciences: Economics

HM - HX Social Sciences: Sociology

Political Science


K Law (General)

KD Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland

KDZ , KG - KH Law of the Americas, Latin America and the West Indies

KE Law of Canada

KF Law of the United States

KJ - KKZ Law of Europe

KJV - KJW Law of France

KK - KKC Law of Germany


Music and Books on Music

Fine Arts

Language and Literature

P General Philology and Linguistics

PA Classical Languages and Literatures

PB - PH Modern European Languages

PG Russian Literature

PJ Oriental Philology and Literature

PK Indo-Iranian Philology and Literature

PL - PM Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania, Hyperborean, Indian, and Artificial Languages

PN , PR-PS , PZ General Literature. English and American Literature. Fiction in English. Juvenile belles lettres

PQ Romance Literatures

PT Germanic Literatures





Military Science

Naval Science

Bibliography. Library Science

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